The Press on Biochar Activities in Europe

Switzerland: The first European country to officially approve Biochar

Federal Ministry of Agriculture issues approval after a 3-year process
Hans-Peter Schmidt reports in the Ithaka Journal: 'Switzerland has become the first country in Europe to officially approve the use of certified biochar in agriculture, with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture issuing its approval on 23 April 2013. In it, the Delinat Institute is given responsibility for controlling biochar quality and the sustainability of its production.' ..more

Climate Action Book 2011 - Biochar Use: A Productive Alternative to Carbon Storage

The 2011 issue of the Climate Action Book reports on Biochar as a strategy for Carbon Sequestration in its versatile system dynamics. Climate Action is a multimedia platform consisting of a website, newsletter and annual publication, produced in partnership with UNEP. It aims to encourage businesses and large organisations to reduce their carbon footprint, and puts forward the... ..more

The Parliament Magazine - A European Perspective on Biochar

The Parliament Magazine is an EU political news and information journal which reported on European Biochar Activities in issue 353. ..more

Renewables International - Biochar Europe networks researchers and business

The EU has launched a new research project for the production of biochar, which can be used to create terra preta. Called Biochar Europe, the project brings together researchers from 23 countries along with three firms ..more