Basecamp for internal communication in Biochar COST Action TD1107

We use Basecamp software as an internal communication platform by participants for discussions, exchange and organization within the Action.

If you want to participate in the online discussion platform, please email to to receive an invitation link to Basecamp.


Basecamp offers seperate discussion forums, calendars, file sharing as well as tracking of the entire progress and members.

Who is participating?

Groups in Basecamp appear as 'projects'. Currently, the following projects are online in Basecamp:
  • Working Group 1 - Biochar Production and Characterziation
  • Working Group 2 - Land Use Impact
  • Working Group 3 - Economic Analysis & Life Cycle Assessment
  • Working Group 4 - Enivronmental Impact Assessment
  • Biochar Europe - The European Biochar Research Network (eBRN): a project for general discussions and topics related to the Biochar COST Action
  • European Biochar Stakeholders - a project for networking among stakeholders in Biochar technology, business & development
  • Biochar for Peat Replacement - an initiative within WG4 started in March 2014 to foster collaboration on peat replacement strategies with Biochar
  • Organization for Scientifically Responsible Biochar (OSRB) - an initiative started in 2013 to scientifically evaluate and responsibly develop Biochar in an unbiased manner based on scientific literature.

 What is happening in Basecamp?

  • General Action communication
  • Thematic Biochar discussions
  • Working group activities
  • Organization and preparation of conferences, meetings etc.

As soon as you have access to Basecamp, you can also invite other researchers to the platform. However, please make sure that you only add reliable and constructive people to Basecamp in order to maintain an effective working atmosphere within the Action.

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