Training Schools

3rd European Biochar Summer School

1-6th March 2015 Sevilla (Spain)
With this announcement we want to draw your attention to the upcoming eBRN summerschool “Chemical and physical characterization of bio- and hydrochars and their application in the field” which will take place in Sevilla, 1-6 March 2015 and will be organized by José Maria de la Rosa and Heike Knicker. ..more

3rd International Biochar Training Course

16-23 October 2014 at Nanjing Agricultural University, China
An opportunity to not only meet some of China’s leading experts but also Biochar researchers and practitioners from other regions. Participants will be able to view commercial businesses producing biochar, energy and biochar NPK fertilizers as well as run small and medium scale biochar plant at the university. ..more

2nd European Biochar Summer School - Follow-up

Take home messages and video lectures available
Organised by the EU-COST Action Biochar, eBRN and Ithaka Institut -This 2nd Summer School on Biochar was highly succesful and delivered considerable output such as 'take home messages' from the participants and video lectures by international experts. ..more

1st International Biochar Summer School - A Huge Success

1 Week - 15 Nationalities - 23 Participants - ATB Potsdam (Germany)
The 1st International Summer School Biochar “bio:char crossroads” took place in Potsdam, Germany on September 9‐16, 2012. Organized by the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering in the framework of COST Action TD1107 “Biochar as option for sustainable resource management”, it was also supported by the regional research network "Klimaplattform", PEARLS ‐ Potsdam... ..more