Martinho Martins: The Effects of Biochar Concentration in Soil on Erosion and Infiltration

STSM at Volcani Center, ARO, Israel

Martinho's personal summary: "With this STSM, I was able to apply and extend my scientific research skills. I was very well received at the Volcani Institute in Israel, and it was a good experience to be closely involved with a different team, to learn other techniques and to use unfamiliar and sophisticated lab equipment.

For me personally, the collaboration went better than expected, and the preliminary results show good quality, which, in turn, have already raised more interesting questions. Since this STSM was a very positive experience from both sides, we expect more collaborations in the future with the host institution."

Martinho's home institution

Department of Environment & Planning
Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM)
University of Aveiro, Portugal

Rainfall Simulator



Soil+Biochar crust vs. Control Soil crust



Soil+Biochar leach vs Control Soil Leach