Goldschmidt 2013 - Biochar Session on Environmental Interactions

25 - 30 August 2013 in Florence, Italy

Bruno Glaser and Heike Knicker will convene Session 19h 'Biochar Interactions with Soil, Plant and Water – Processes and Fate'. Although biochar receives more and more attraction among environmental scientists, little is known on fundamental processes of biochar interaction within the soil-plant-water continuum which is topic of this session.

Session 19h on Thursday 29 August

Organic Carbon and Trace Element Mobilization from a Biochar Amended Arable Soil: A Soil Column Study
Riedel T, Geilich J & Iden S

Comparative Characterization of Charcoals Prepared from Pyrolysis and Hydrothermal Carbonization and their Water Extractable Organic Carbon
Huang R, Hockaday W, Lau B, Lu X & Jack D

Biochar Determination in Soils by Applying Pyrolysis GC-MS Analysis and Black Carbon (BC) Concentration Trough Dichromate and Permanganate Oxidation
Suarez-Abelenda M, Kaal J, Knicker H, Camps-Arbestain M & Macías-Vázquez F

Goldschmidt 2013 Session 19h Details