Switzerland: The first European country to officially approve Biochar

Federal Ministry of Agriculture issues approval after a 3-year process

Hans-Peter Schmidt reports in the Ithaka Journal: 'Switzerland has become the first country in Europe to officially approve the use of certified biochar in agriculture, with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture issuing its approval on 23 April 2013. In it, the Delinat Institute is given responsibility for controlling biochar quality and the sustainability of its production.'

Following an exceptionally thorough 3-year approval procedure involving the various research groups of the Biochar Science Network of Switzerland and the Federal Ministries of the Environment and Health, the Swiss Federal Ministry of Agriculture has issued conditional approval for the use of biochar in agriculture. Approval is based on strict, scientifically checked requirements with regard to the sustainability of biochar production, to biochar quality and to user protection in its application (Ithaka Journal).

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