Reducing mineral fertilisers and chemicals use in agriculture by recycling treated organic waste as compost and bio-char products

The REFERTIL project will provide strong support for policy makers for the revision of relevant policies, while setting up future common bio-waste recycling targets, common quality standard requirements for bio-waste treatment, compost and bio-char quality and trading requirements.

EU legislation supported by the definition of improved compost and biochar standards in the EU27. Improvement of common compost quality standards and development of new biochar quality standards for the EU27 by 2013 for European Union Commission regulation law harmonization support. The aim of the REFERTIL project is about improved compost standardization and new standard development for biochar in the EU27, for safer, better, less costly and more environmentally friendly utilization of the EU27 generated 150 M/t/y plant/animal biomass waste streams.

The objective driven goal of the 4 years SME targeted REFERTIL project is to improve the currently used compost and biochar treatment systems, towards advanced, efficient and comprehensive bio-waste treatment and nutrient recovery process with zero emission performance. The improved output products are safe, economical, ecological and standardized compost and bio-char combined natural fertilizers and soil amendment agricultural products used by farmers.