Dissemination Articles in International Innovation and The Parliament Magazine

Prof. Bruno Glaser on Renewing the Carbon Debate

Sequestering carbon and improving soil quality are major challenges facing Europe. Action Chair Professor Bruno Glaser discusses strategies for utilising biochar – a highly porous charcoal that helps soils retain nutrients and water while helping reduce emissions from material that would otherwise degrade to greenhouse gases

Dissemination of state-of-the-art knowlege on Biochar is a main intention of COST Action TD1107 'Biochar as option for sustainable resource management'. Thus, the Action issued one article in 'International Innovation', the leading global dissemination resource for the wider scientific, technology and research communities. Another dissemination essay was published in The Parliament Magazine, an EU political news and information journal.
The articles report on latest developments and strategies in Biochar R&D as a tool for climate change mitigation and carbon sequestration. Bridging from ancient Terra Preta do Índio soils to 21st century approaches to Global Change, the Action Chair outlines Biochar activities in Europe and introduces the COST Action as a coordinating network.

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The Parliament Magazine page 38

International Innovation