Memorandum of Understanding Abstract

The abstract of the Action's Memorandum of Understanding gives a brief overview of its scientific background, aims and scheduled activities

Funded by the European Science Foundation, COST Action TD1107 'Biochar as option for sustainable resource management' aims at expanding and interconnecting knowledge in Biochar systems in Europe, to assess environmental impacts of Biochar use and thus sharpen a promising global change mitigation tool up to the stage where economically feasible application will begin. The essential activity of this Action is to build the European Biochar Research Network (eBRN).


This COST Action connects scattered European Biochar research to enable quick implementation of intelligent material flow management systems, to maintain or improve soil quality while efficiently sequestering carbon in the long-term. Innovative Biochar strategies can help the EU mitigating greenhouse gases, while industries and farmers benefit from new markets, opportunities and use of improved soils, e.g. for biofuel production without endangering food supply.

However, a risk assessment is necessary to protect food web and human health. Current Biochar research is often fragmented, unnecessarily repeated, and new scientific evidence is not connected or implemented, due to the lack of interaction and knowledge exchange. Therefore, this Action aims at coordinating European Biochar research, bringing together researchers, stakeholders and potential users from EU and candidate countries.

This will be accomplished by annual Biochar Workshops, Short-Term Missions among young, senior and female researchers, Training Schools, and an internet platform to monitor and streamline Biochar R&D. Four Working Groups will focus on (i) Biochar production and characterisation, (ii) land use implementation, (iii) economic analysis including life cycle assessment and (iv) environmental impact assessment.

The Action will thus strengthen EU's leadership in the increasing competition with non-European Biochar actors.