Session 2: Technology

Biochar Production Technology: designing biochar properties

Basic as well as more advanced analyses showed that there is no such thing as “biochar” but that there are many different biochars. Their differing characteristics have to be taken into account to understand the function of biochar in soil and to explain nutrient dynamics, interaction with plants and microbes, carbon persistence etc.

Since these first days pyrolysis technology developed into a key technology not only for biochar production but for biomass treatment and advanced carbonaceous materials. Simultaneously the influences of various pyrolysis conditions on the biochar quality increased and first steps towards a more systematic understanding are undertaken. Feedstock blending to influence pyrolysis reactions, and post pyrolysis treatments to enhance biochar properties are very promising to reach veritable designer biochars that are fit to use for special agronomic or industrial purposes.
Session 2 aims to address the following questions:

1)     Challenges of modern pyrolysis technology for waste management, bioenergy production, biochar materials and designer biochar production

2)     Influencing biochar characteristics through feedstock blending, modifying pyrolysis reaction conditions and post pyrolysis treatment

3)     Characterizing biochar properties and certifying biochar productions


Session lead:      Ondrej Massek, UKBRC, UK; Jan Mumme, UKBRC, UK; Stephen Joseph, Australia

Keynote: Stephen Joseph


Lecture Title: Biochar Can Provide a Return to Both the Biochar  Producer and the Biochar User. Recent Developments and Case Studies

Content: This talk will focus on technologies and products that are now being produced and sold commercially worldwide with an emphasis on the Asian  Pacific Region.  It will also discuss innovations that have been developed to reduce the cost of application.  Specific case studies will be presented that outline the returns that are being realised.

Dr. Stephen Joseph is a Visiting professor at University of New South Wales and Research Fellow University of Newcastle, Australia. Dr. Joseph has a B.Sc. in metallurgic engineering and a Ph.D. in Architecture and Applied Anthropology.  He has been a CEO of a renewable energy company and a biochar based fertiliser company for 30 years before retiring to take up full time research


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