3rd European Biochar Summer School

1-6th March 2015 Sevilla (Spain)

With this announcement we want to draw your attention to the upcoming eBRN summerschool “Chemical and physical characterization of bio- and hydrochars and their application in the field” which will take place in Sevilla, 1-6 March 2015 and will be organized by José Maria de la Rosa and Heike Knicker.

The role of bio- and hydrochars in C sequestration as well as in improving soil fertility is increasingly recognised. However, the high variability of biochars due to different feedstock and production conditions implies a high variability of their effect on soil properties and productivity. Thus, a good understanding of the chemical and physical nature of the product is needed to allow a prediction of its impact on soil/plant systems. Furthermore, the irreversibility of biochar application requires  detailed  ecotoxicological studies  to ascertain its  environmental sustainability.

Based on this, the objectives of this training course are the introduction of PhD students and post-Docs

i)into production and application of bio- and hydrochar
ii)into modern analytical tools such as spectroscopic (NMR; IR, Relaxometry), microscopic techniques (TEM, NMR-micro imaging) as well as to ecotoxicological  approaches

both within lectures given by experts and practical work in the lab and in the field.

Imported deadlines:

31/12/2014:  Abstract submission

15/01/2015:  Notification of Acceptance

31/01/2015:  Deadline for payment

Registration fee

500 €: covers participation and course material, accommodation, breakfast and lunch

The eBRN provides scholarships for excellent young researchers. The awardees will be selected based on theiabstract and the CV.

Max number of Participants: 25

Application procedure

Please send the application with

- your curriculum vitae (CV) and
- an abstract (1 page, 12 pt) explaining:
a)Why do you want to participate?
b)What do you expect to get out?
c)How will you use the information and experience that you gain?

to: cost.summerschool@gmail.com

If you have any further questions please contact the Organizators José María de la Rosa and Heike Knicker (cost.summerschool@gmail.com) or the Cost Secretary Verena-Isabell Lehr (cost@european-biochar.org)