2nd International Conference on Biochar and Green Agriculture

14-18th April 2015 Nanjing (China)

The second International Conference on Biochar and Green Agriculture intends to exchange and share the development both in science and technology of bicohar in agriculture. We cordially invite you to come to Nanjing and join us in this biochar event with your great contribution. We would like to provide you a pleasant platform for exchange and sharing the most development in this area while a chance to show you the biochar research and technology development in China.


Exploring biochar potential in world green agriculture

Main topics and sessions:

1. Biochar science in agriculture. Basic and applied research of biochar for green agriculture, including:
Biochar characterization and bio-activity Biochar reactivity in soils Biochar stability in soils

2. Biochar production and products. Biomass carbonization and biochar production technology, including
Biomass waste treatment and processing for pyrolysis; Properties and functionality relating to feedstock types and pyrolysis conditions;Assessment of biochar production chain.

3. Biochar in soil. Biochar and soil and agronomy effects in agro-ecosystems, including
Positive versus negative effects, Short versus long term effects, Benefits or tradeoffs,

4. Biochar for agro-environment. Biochar for land and rural environmental quality control, including:
Immobilization of toxic metal and organic pollutants in agricultural soils; Water quality and groundwater pollution control; Emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals Food-chain effects and plant health

5. Biochar and animal production. Biochar from and used in livestock production, including: Biochar for animal waste treatment and nutrient retention; Biochar for manure and compost Biochar use as feed supplement and animal health

6. Biochar business and economy. Risk and socio- economic aspects of biochar, focusing on policy relevance issues including:
Life cycle analysis; Cost benefit, and tradeoffs; Potential risk analysis Biochar project strategy


Hanyuan Hotel, Main Campus of Nanjing Agricultural University, 18 Tongwei Road, Nanjing, China Tel: (86) 25 84393988


1. Plenary speeches:

A couple of invited well known biochar scientists around the world, giving new developments or insights in biochar science and technology in green agriculture, 30 minutes each. There will be two plenary session respectively after opening and before the closing. The speakers will be granted the travel and accommodation cost.

Invited keynote speeches:
There will respectively 1-2 invited speeches for each planed sessions. These could be subject to invitation by the local organizers or by the SC members. Funding for these will include waive of the registration fee and the local expenses; The organizers will seek any more possible funds for provide these expenses.
Voluntary oral contributions:
These will be organized according to the registered and submitted abstracts upon a review and appraisal by the SC committee. The number of oral contributions for individual sessions will be subject to the total available contributions.

2. Posters:

Poster session will be given a particular time schedule and a location so that the participants will all have the access. The number of the poster is open for all sessions.

3. Exhibition of biochar product and technology:

(1) Biochar production systems: lab scale, business scale and mobile system

(2) Biochar and biochar based products used in agriculture

(3) Technical tools for biochar testing and analysis

(4) Other related products

4. Field Trip

One day field trip to a biochar plant using a business-scale pyrolyser and producing large amount of biochar products; And a field trial using different biochar for crop production in a farm near Nanjing.

Registration fee

1. Normal registration: 450 USD

2. Student registration: 250 USD (a Ph D or MS candidate certificate needed)

3. Exhibition registration: 800 USD (for one unit space, not including the registration fee)

For normal registration: The registration fee covers conference proceedings, presentations, lunch and conference reception dinner as well as field trip. Registration fee would be waived for invited speakers. For student registration: The registration fee covers conference proceedings, presentations, lunch and field trip. Registration fee would be waived for invited speakers.


Ms Fengfeng Sui. Email: suiff1991@163.com Tel/ Fax: (86) 25 84396507. Mobile: (86)15195889391.

Dr. Genxing Pan. Email: pangenxing@aliyun.com. Tel: (86) 25 84396027; (86)13605172931.