eBRN Biochar Expertise Survey

Make your activities visible to the European network

This online survey aims at enhancing transparency and networking possibilities among all stakeholders within the European Biochar Research Network (eBRN), we would like to collect some basic data on you and your work. We would like to know e.g. where you work, in what field of Biochar you have an expertise and what your background is. With your answers we plan to create a database on our public website which can be filtered by e.g. expertise keywords to find the corresponding experts on a certain topic. Privacy will be respected based on your answers.


To see and fill in all questions of the survey, please place the mouse cursor anywhere over the brown survey field and then scroll down with the mouse wheel. At the bottom of each page you will see a button to continue to the next page (4 pages in total.) Please contact the website editor if you face any problems!

Alternatively you can use the link below directly at Google Forms:


The survey field begins below this line!