eBRN's Dissemination Plan


Obtained results and knowledge from this Biochar COST Action will be disseminated to the following target groups
  • Industry incl. SMEs - Producers of Biochar and Biochar-making equipment (WG 1)
  • National and International Soil Associations (WG 1-2, 4)
  • Horticultural and agricultural organisations (WG 2-3)
  • Farmers (WG 2-4)
  • Governmental, regulatory agencies and industrial organisations with focus on sustainable management of natural resources including soils and food production (WG 2-4)
  • Governmental and non-governmental policy makers with focus on climate change


Dissemination of research findings, experimental approaches and technical advances and recommendations are a priority of this COST Action, with this very website being the main portal for Biochar knowledge communication.


Biochar COST Action uses a number of methods for effective dissemination:

  • A dedicated interactive website with two levels of access. It will include a password-protected area that will be used by the members of the Action and a public accessible level to allow broad dissemination of the Action
  • In addition to the website, the Action will arrange a Facebook- or Google-based platform as a public discussion on Actions related topics to attract young members of the general public
  • Electronic communication network including e-mail networking, web-conference
  • Publication: articles in peer-reviewed scientific and technical Journals
  • Non-technical publications in general press including radio and television for public dissemination
  • Easy 'take-away' instructions for private and save use of Biochar (for the broad public) in the form of 'recipes'
  • Scheduled workshops will be organised by the MC, as well as contributions to other national and international conferences and symposia and participation to industrial forums
  • Training Schools and STSMs, as well as lectures, by leading scientists and engineers from both academia and industry focusing to ESRs