About Biochar COST Action and European Biochar Research Network

EU COST Action TD1107 is a networking project granted by COST in the domain of Food and Agriculture. COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. This Biochar COST Action runs from March 2012 to March 2016.

Current Biochar research in Europe is mushrooming but often fragmented and unnecessarily repeated. Thus, the aim of the Action is to expand and interconnect knowledge in Biochar systems, to assess environmental impacts of Biochar use and thus sharpen a promising global change mitigation tool up to the stage where economically feasible application will begin. Building a well interacting European Biochar Research Network (eBRN) of academic and industrial partners who perform basic research is the essential activity therefore. In terms of contents the work of eBRN and Biochar COST Action is organized in four thematic Working Groups.

The Action and eBRN now gather more than 270 individual participants from 31 countries and are open to new participants. If you wish to join in, please follow the general COST Guidelines for joining an Action and contact the Project Secretary.

Basecamp for internal communication in Biochar COST Action TD1107

Basecamp software is used as an internal communication platform by participating researchers for discussions, exchange and organization within the Action ..more

Relevant Action Documents

View and download important documents from the COST framework that characterize, explain and complement COST Action TD1107 Biochar and its activities. ..more

Memorandum of Understanding Abstract

The abstract of the Action's Memorandum of Understanding gives a brief overview of its scientific background, aims and scheduled activities ..more

Essential Scientifc Objectives

The backbone of the Action is currently created by 30 groups coming from 20 COST countries whose expertise principally covers all key theoretical, experimental and practical aspects of scientific and technological development related to Biochar issues ..more

Key Deliverables

To achieve the intended Scientific Objectives, this COST Action will provide the 9 explicit Deliverables ..more

Main Achievements

The objectives of this COST Action will be achieved through networking possibilities offered bythe COST framework, in particular the following aspects ..more