Joint International Biochar Symposium 2015 from 28th to 30th September 2015 in Geisenheim (Germany)

Abstract deadline: Sunday, 2 August 2015 (final deadline)

Find all information about the six scheduled sessions, keynote speaker and abstract template here.

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The European Biochar Research Network (eBRN) & COST Action TD1107 Biochar as option for sustainable resource management interconnect knowledge in Biochar systems all over Europe ... more


Upcoming events

20-24th September 2015 5th International Symposium on Soil Organic Matter (SOM) at Georg-August-University Göttingen (Germany)

Announcement for two new calls for STSM applications (short and regular) within COST-Action: Biochar for Sustainable Management.

Apply Now: Funding available for STSMs.
Apply for short STSMs: a.s.a.p.  AND until end of May for regular STSMs 1.) Call "short" is for short and fast STSMs: We call for fast submissions (a.s.a.p.) that will be processed rapidly for short STSMs within the period March to 30th June 2015. 2.) Call "regular 2015" is our regular call for new STSM applications: Application submission needs to be handed in until end of... ... more

Online Survey about Biochar in Europe: Advances, Visions and Barriers

5 Minutes for 7 Questions from COST Participant Prof. Pellegrino Conte (Italy)
On behalf of Prof. Pellegrino Conte from the University of Palermo (Italy) we carry out a short survey about the most important advances in Biochar science, the European visions on Biochar and the main barriers to wide scale application. ... more

STSM applications open again with new guidelines

Submit your application as soon as possible to start your mission from July 2014
The STSM Committe has issued new guidelines for STSM application procedures and provides all relevant information in the new FAQ section. It is recommended to submit applications as soon as possible in order to begin the STSM from July 2014 onwards. A specific call for the first of two annual application periods will be issued shortly. ... more

eBRN Biochar Expertise Survey

Make your activities visible to the European network
This online survey aims at enhancing transparency and networking possibilities among all stakeholders within the European Biochar Research Network (eBRN), we would like to collect some basic data on you and your work. We would like to know e.g. where you work, in what field of Biochar you have an expertise and what your background is. With your answers we plan to create a... ... more

3rd International Biochar Training Course

16-23 October 2014 at Nanjing Agricultural University, China
An opportunity to not only meet some of China’s leading experts but also Biochar researchers and practitioners from other regions. Participants will be able to view commercial businesses producing biochar, energy and biochar NPK fertilizers as well as run small and medium scale biochar plant at the university. ... more

Effects of biochar amendment on root traits and contaminant availability of maize plants in a copper and arsenic impacted soil

Brennan et al. (2014) Article Published in Plant and Soil
STSM recipient Aoife Brennan published an article in Plant and Soil based on the experiments carried out during her STSM. Her project was dedicated to the investigation of plant ecophysiological responses when using biochar amendments for the remediation of soils co-contaminated with inorganic elements and organic compounds. ... more

Special Symposium on “Biochar: Production, Characterization and Applications” at CLEAR 2014 Conference

5-8th tOctober 2014 Chuncheon, Korea
Special symposiums: 1. Biochar for environmental management (joint with 2nd KBRC International Biochar Symposium) 2. Novel adsorbents and nanomaterials for contaminant removal from water and wastewater 3. Pharmaceuticals in the soil environment: Fate and effects in soil and transfer to the food chain 4. Heavy metal remediation in agricultural ecosystems 5. Rapid pollutant... ... more

2nd European Biochar Summer School - Follow-up

Take home messages and video lectures available
Organised by the EU-COST Action Biochar, eBRN and Ithaka Institut -This 2nd Summer School on Biochar was highly succesful and delivered considerable output such as 'take home messages' from the participants and video lectures by international experts. ... more

Map displaying STSM paths in 2012 and 2013

The map shows past and present STSM paths between COST Action Biochar member institutions in Europe. Blue arrows indicate male STSM candidates, red ones stand for female candidates. A thicker arrow means that the duration of the STSM was longer compared to a thinner arrow. ... more

Map of Biochar Field Trials and Research Projects

Browse the Biochar Hotspots in Euroope
A map of Biochar research projects on all over Europe is available now and will be updated and expanded constantly. To edit this map, you'll need to sign in to Google. If you want to use a different email address, please contact the Editorial Staff. If you don't have a Google account, you can create one. ... more

COST Action Biochar Newsletter #1

First issue reports on the first year's work
Today we present to you our first newsletter which will report on the first year's work of COST Action TD1107 'Biochar as option for sustainable resource management'! Within this EU-funded project, the European Biochar Research Network (eBRN) aims at interconnecting knowledge in Biochar systems all over Europe. In our first newsletter we report on progress in individual... ... more